Obesity increases gasoline consumption

Obesity increases gasoline consumption.

So, naturally, the cure for the obesity epidemic is carpooling. What tripe. The sad thing is someone actually paid that dumbass a pile of money to come up with his stupid study.


2 Responses to Obesity increases gasoline consumption

  1. Randy El says:

    If there were more than three fat people in the car, would it then be car pod instead of car pool?
    I want to get paid to do a study on car pod numbers………. a lengthy, highly paid study of course. 😉

  2. ccoffer says:

    The real killer is having anything in the car at all. Shit, man. Groceries, Christmas trees, soccer balls………a driver; they all contribute to the crisis we face. I say take the motor and transmission out of the cars, that way they will be light as a feather and use no fuel at all. Of course, they would have to be pushed, which would result in heavy breathing, which would in turn result in greater carbon dioxide emissions, but think of all the fat bastards who would become svelte under such a program.

    Look out Ethiopia, here we come!

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